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Restroom Sensitization

A restroom is one of the most germ-prone areas in your home. Thats why it is so important to keep it clean and sanitary. Professional restroom sanitization service includes scrubbing and wiping down all surfaces.

Our Monki Spick And Span Cleaning Service LLC housekeeper typically sanitizes your restrooms on every regular visit as part of your Personal Cleaning Plan.

The sanitization typically includes:

  • Sanitizing Counters
  • Sanitizing Sinks
  • Scrubbing Toilets
  • Cleaning Showers & bathtubs
  • Mopping Floors
  • Wiping Down Mirrors

Housekeepers focus on high-touch items in your restroom and leave it free from dirt, and shining bright after every visit.

We also recommend a periodic deep restroom cleaning that is much more intensive and can include a more intensive focus on things like tile and grout and ensuring that there is no build-up that can lead to mold.

You can discuss the frequency of housekeeper visits that include restroom sanitization service as well as your desired frequency of deep restroom service during your initial consultation with Monki Spick And Span Cleaning Service LLC.

Your restroom should be a place of tranquility and cleanliness. Let your Monki Spick And Span Cleaning Service LLC housekeeper help you keep it that way with their professional restroom sanitization service today!